Diplomat Aero Pearl White Fountain pen

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Diplomat Aero Pearl White Fountain pen 

The iconic Aero returns with both a new color and a new finish. The use of a brand new technology of "hot lacquering" makes it possible to perfectly cover the grooves of the pen without damaging the design. Because these layers are very thin, they remain very solid and protect the pen perfectly, while giving a deep and shiny effect. The white is both deep and with a touch of iridescence which makes it very striking and attractive. The dark edges are perfectly complementary and maintain the very modern and unique aspect of the Aero. In 1900, the zeppelin began its first test flight under the direction of Count von Zeppelin. Based on this event and the design of the airship, Diplomat introduced the Aero. The Diplomat Aero is characterized by grooved relief on the barrel and cap that give the classically shaped pen a modern look. The Diplomat Aero is made of anodized aluminum and is specially ergonomically designed. The clip underlines the Diplomat Aero's beautiful shape. The Diplomat Aero fountain pen has a stainless steel nib.


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Halkaisija (mm)15
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