Visconti BACKGAMMON Rollerbal pen

4 500,00 €

With the purchase of a Visconti FOUNTAIN PEN you will temporarily receive an Ink pot worth €28.00 Euro. Have fun writing!


This is a Limited Edition - one out of 128 - that we can supply on request, are you interested in this Limited Edition Rollerball pen? Please contact us at

Visconti BACKGAMMON Rollerbal pen

The world’s oldest game at your fingertips: the Backgammon pen is a true collector’s gem. You can choose between two types of bottom: with or without die. 

It is not just a writing instrument, but an object around which to join together to spend quality time and relive the magic of a game loved by all generations.

The pen’s body and cap, with red and black enameled hues, have been made of 925 sterling silver, as have the metalwork, which is palladium plated. 

The travel game set is made entirely of Italian palmellato leather, including dice and counters.



VäriBlack and Red
Pituus suljettu kynä (mm)140
Halkaisija (mm)13
AksentitEi sovelleta
Musteen väriMusta
Takuu (vuotta)Elinikä
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