Waterman Graduate Allure Black CT

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Enintään 24 merkkiä

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Since Waterman was founded in 1883, the brand has been making stylish writing instruments without compromising on quality. The Waterman Graduate Allure Black CT is known for its classic design that is also highly functional. This makes the pen suitable both for daily use at a meeting or in the lecture hall, but also as an occasional gift.

Contemporary design with perfect writing comfort

The Waterman Graduate Allure Black CT has a robust black color, with a stainless steel barrel in a chrome finish. Penshop.co.uk offers the pen as a ballpoint and fountain pen. The fountain pen is available in a fine writing thickness.

Have the Waterman pen engraved by Penshop

Waterman is a global paragon of success. The Waterman Graduate Allure Black CT is therefore a perfect business gift to business associates or staff. The exclusive Waterman pen will be delivered in a luxurious gift box. Make the pen even more festive by having a personal text or name engraved on it. Penshop has its own engraving machines, so we can deliver the engraved pen very quickly. Take a look at our range of Waterman pens in the web shop.


Brändi Waterman
Väri Musta
Pituus suljettu kynä (mm) 138
Halkaisija (mm) 9
Aksentit Kromi
Mekanismi ei sovelleta
Musteen väri Ei sovelleta
Takuu (vuotta) 2
Weight 25
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